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Dr. Dalia Megiddo

Dr. Dalia Megiddo is an experienced healthcare and investment professional in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. She has co-founded a number of pharma companies, including Alcobra Ltd. (Nasdaq: ADHD), Bioblast-Pharma Ltd. (Nasdaq: ORPN) and Chiasma Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHMA). She currently serves as Managing Partner of Expedio Ventures, and previously ran other life science investment funds, including Jerusalem Global Ventures and 7-Health.

Dr. Megiddo serves as a director of Bioblast-Pharma Ltd. She formerly served as a director of Alcobra Ltd., AngioScore Inc., Chiasma (Israel) Ltd., Chiasma Inc., Given Imaging Ltd. (Nasdaq: GIVN) and Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq: ELRN)

Dr. Megiddo holds an M.D. in Medicine from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and is a licensed specialist in family medicine. She also holds an M.B.A. degree from the Kellogg Recanati International School of Business (Tel Aviv University and North Western University).