About Us

MST™: Reimagining the potential of
skin care medicine

With Molecule Stabilizing Technology (MST™), Foamix is opening new possibilities for helping
dermatological treatments to be applied in ways that were once thought impossible


Our signature technological platform is our proprietary Molecule Stabilizing Technology (MST™). This innovation may allow for localized delivery of therapeutic agents that previously were not stable in topical formulations.

Foamix is developing a new foam technology designed without surfactants (surface-active agents that reduce the surface tension of oil or solid-water interfaces, commonly referred to as wetting agents, dispersing agents, and emulsifiers).1 Our formulation uses natural oils that work with the natural moisturizing oils of human skin. By leveraging foam, a prominent topical delivery system that can be engineered, refined, and elevated, Foamix is taking advantage of an innovative and easy-to-apply investigational alternative to creams and ointments.

The potential advantages of MST™:

  • Unique hydrophobic foam helps medicine be easily applied and absorbed by the skin
  • Proprietary delivery system has the potential to stabilize hard-to-deliver medicines for topical application
  • Free of primary irritants

The promise of MST™ is fueling our pipeline

Foamix has two lead investigational new drug candidates in advanced clinical stages. They are:

The safety and efficacy of FMX101 and FMX103 have not been established. There is no guarantee that these products will receive health authority approval or become commercially available.
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